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 Post subject: Working illegally and deportation
PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:32 am 

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I have tried to find all the information regarding illegal working and deportation on this site but it is not much. I need some advice.

I was accussed of working illegally but I denied everything and I refused to sign any papers (they were in Turkish) before they took me to nearest police station. They did not catch me actually working but that is a long story...
So they kept me in police station for 3 days, and I really do not understand why it was so long. There was nobody speaking to me in English, nobody explaining anything. I asked for help to 2 lawyers, and they filed some complaint and asked to free me but it did not work, the answer was negative. Then they sent me somewhere else- to Foreigners department or smth like that. My lawyers said there is a chance they would let me go out without deportation as I had a valid long-term residence permit but they also said this could be very long process.
The place where they sent me was not exactly a paradise so I kind of panicked and let myself to be deported. Nobody gave me any paper about my punishment- they told me I would not be able to come to Turkey for 1 year but it is nowhere written.
Is there anything I can do about this?
I have a boyfriend, and we were planning to get married next summer in Turkey.. would it help me to enter TR if we got married now outside of Turkey and I would be coming as his wife?
I also asked if this situation can be solved with money- if I can pay some money and come back again, but all the policemen said there is no option like that.
I am tired to ask anything to lawyers, as they do not give me any precise answer and ask for money for nothing.
I would be so grateful if you know anything about it and could tell me something more.
thank you

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